Marked Royal Bayreuth China Santa Dish

Antique Christmas Santa Figure Candy Dish
Extremely rare triangle plate with Santa's head. He is wearing a red cap with a fur trim and holly. It's marked at the bottom with Royal Bayreuth. Please check out the pictures  for condition details.  It's in perfect, mint condition. Outstanding piece! Approx: 5" x 5"

German origin

ca. 1905-1910

Cute Unusual Roly Poly Santa

Antique Christmas Santa Figure
Nice little unusual Roly Poly Santa. He has a shiny orangish red paint that is worn through a little on the coat. His face is charming with a nice upturned mustache and uneven gaze. Little chip of paint missing on front lower right.  Please check out the pictures  for condition details. Approx. 4 1/2" tall.
Origin: most likely German
ca 1930

Great Walking Santa Stand-UP Die-Cut 3D

Antique Christmas Santa Cardboard Display
Great cardboard stand-up! Walking Santa using a wooden tree branch as walking stick, helps him to get more easy through the snowy woods. Big bag is over his shoulder and switch tucked underneath his arm. Santa is very detailed and in very good condition. Please check out the pictures  for condition details. Approx. 11"

German origin

ca. 1900-1920

Charming Santa Claus Booklet - Children Three

Antique Christmas Santa Booklet

Most charming Children booklet with drawings, verses and rhymes like....

Santa Claus

See the stockings nicely hung!

Santa Claus will surely come!

If we make a noise at home

Down the chimmney he'll not come.

We will watch him: keep quiet still!

Pray don't move now, Tom and Will,

For the reindeers go so fast,

He may fly our home apast.


The booklet is in overall excellent condition with a beautiful lithograph of Santa cutting the Christmas tree. Please check out the pictures  for condition details. Approx. 5¼" x 4½"

German origin

ca. 1900


Beautiful Santa and Children Advertisement for "Henry Hasenjaeger"

Antique Lithographed Christmas / Santa Display
Beautiful Santa and Children chromolithographed Advertisement for "Henry Hasenjaeger" of heavy paper stock or cardboard. Great scenery, embossed, charmingly coverd with mica. Must have been glued onto an advertising paper or display board  as reverse side has residues of an old price list for round salvers. Please check out the pictures  for condition details. Thank you Approx. 10¼" x 8½"

German origin

ca. 1890

Santa Decorative Label Scrap

Antique Christmas Paper Santa Gold Label
An ornate Santa scrap probably used to decorate a candy box with during the Christmas season. Shiny gold gilding make this scrap especially bright. Thin embossed paper with fine detailing. Please check out the pictures  for condition details. Approx. 2" high.
German Origin
ca. 1900-1910

Antique Tall Jumping Jack Santa

Old lithographed Santa on a jointed wood body, jumps very nice

  • Condition: very good
  • Material: lithographed paper, wood, strings 
  • Details: see pictures for close ups
  • Size: ca. 26" tall
  • Origin: Germany
  • Produced: around 1930-1939

Antique Santa Liquor Bottle, Toulouse

Old Père Noël glass Bottle, Distilleries BENOIT SERRES, TOULOUSE, FRANCE
  • Condition: very good with minor paint loss
  • Material: glass, bakelite lid
  • Details: see pictures for close ups
  • Size: ca. 12" tall
  • Origin: France
  • Produced: around 1940-1950

Antique SINGER Pin Cushion Santa

Early Pin cushion with the first Singer Sewing Machine Logo "Singer Nähmaschinen Singer" in a big red S, #1188A printed on the back of his left shoe, extraordinary piece

  • Condition: very good with a very old hand stitched repair
  • Material: printed fabric
  • Details: see pictures for close ups
  • Size: ca. 6¼" tall, 16cm
  • Origin: Germany
  • Produced: around 1870