Santa Figures

Walking Santa with a Big Christmas Package

Antique Christmas Santa Figure

Great old walking Santa with a big load of a hidden Christmas gift on his back that he carries by a wooden stretcher. He has a great composition head and his red felt coat has faded a little. He stands on a wooden plattform that arched up a bit. There is some glue on his left boot (back boot), this is not a break and not a crack. A very litte wear at his right hand, where he holds the tree. Please view other images for condition details. Approx. 7"

German origin

ca. 1920-1930

SOLD - Mechanical, Electric Store Display Santa, from 1930's

Antique Huge Christmas Santa Figure
This cute guy used to sit in the window of a London merchant and attract customers  for the Christmas Season.  He is built somewhat like a candy container where he opens at the waist, but inside is a heavy duty motor which when plugged in makes Santa jiggle around and move his arms up and down a bit. His face is undoubtedly German and you can read some of the old newspaper used to seal the top of his head. His beard feels like real hair..but coarser, maybe from a goat. He wears felt coat and pants, his boots are seemed cardboard. The base and snow on his boots are covered with coraline bead balls which shine in the light. He has spring arms for dancing action and soft mitten hands. He would probably need a belt to hold the two halves together better.  The plug is for a European outlet but it can be used with an adapter to fit USA outlets. The motor itself is rated for dual use. There is a switch that you can flip for either 220 (European) or 110 (USA) use. Please view other images for condition details. Approx. 26"
Origin:  Germany
ca. 1930's