Lot of Two Erzgebirge Geese for Putz Scene

Antique Erzgebirge Christmas Decoration

Lot of  two wooden Erzgebirge Geese for Putz Scene or as geese couple to add to  Noah's Arc. Very good condition.Please view other images for condition details. Approx. 2" long
German origin

ca. 1920-1930

Putz Santa's Helper

Antique Erzgebirge Christmas Decoration
A hard working Gnome wears and apron and is working hard around Santa's shop. Excellent condition and paint. Made of composition with fine details. Please view other images for condition details. Approx. 1¾" tall
German origin
ca. 1920-1930

Spectacular Noah's Arc with Animals 1880

Antique Erzgebirge Christmas Decoration
Sprctacular big Noah's Arc. All natural, unpainted but very detailed at windows and doors, The roof can be opened up by a hinget to store the animals. The animals are very old too and it's supposed that these animals were with this arc for a real long time as they came along. Also Noah and his wife can be seen on the picturs but the both lost their arms. The wood shows some blue painted designs which were done by a child's hand probably 100 years ago. The arc is in very good condition.Please view other images for condition details. Approx. 16" long 5¼" deep and 7" high
Origin: Germany
ca. 1880

Herd of 6 wooden stick legged Sheep and 1 Goat for Putz, Erzgebirge

Antique Erzgebirge Putz Christmas Decoration
A herd of 6 putz sheep and one goat. All have wooden legs and wool covered bodies. All the faces are without chips and all legs are stiff. The largest is rather a goat than a sheep as it has golden tin horns. Please view additional images for condition details. Five smallest sheep measure 1¾" high. Another measures 2¼" and the horned sheep/goat is 3¼".
German, Erzgebirge origin
ca. 1920's

Old Wooly Sheep Pull Toy

Antique Sheep has glas eyes, wooden stick legs, original ribbons and is covered with real sheep fur stands on iron wheels. Inside his body it has a growler that still sounds when shaken
  • Condition: good with some general wear to the fur which has been getting a bit thinned out
  • Material: composition body, wooden legs, glass eyes, iron wheels, sheep fur, fabric ribbons
  • Details: see pictures for close ups
  • Size: ca. 7" x 7" (not including his fluff)
  • Origin: Germany
  • Produced: around 1900-1930

Dancing Couple, antique German Erzgebirge Ornament

Old German Christmas tree decoration

  • Condition: generally very good, though crepe paper dress of the girl is very fragile and brittle
  • Material: composition, wood, wire
  • Details: see pictures for close ups
  • Size: ca. 4" x 2¾"
  • Origin: Erzgebirge, Germany
  • Produced: around 1930