Musical Instruments

Great Santa Bell

Antique figural glass Christmas ornament
Great Bell ornament. Santa's Head is embossed on both sides of a Bell. Bumpy areas on Bell top and bottom.. leaves on both sides of  Santa. Strong silvering. Nice long Beard on Santa. Please view other images of this old Christmas ornament for condition details. Approx. 2 1/2"
German origin
ca 1920-1930

Big Tripple Indented Horn

Antique figural glass Christmas ornament
Big Horn Ornament. Unusually large horn with 3 indents around the horn and nice pink paint. The silvering is weak in the middle bends to the beginning of the indents, but both ends have a pretty strong silvering. The horn reed in the large opening is sealed shut so you can't get a sound by blowing on the mouthpiece. Please view other images of this old instrument Christmas ornament for condition details. Approx. 5 5/8" long.
Origin-  Germany
ca-  1920